Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random Sports Facts

When was the last time you took a day off of work?  Chances are, you've taken a day off at some point this year.  Maybe you were sick or went on vacation.  Imagine if you started your job January 1st, 2012.  If you worked as many days in a row as Cal Ripken Jr. did during his streak, you wouldn't get a day off until some time December, 2022.  Yikes.

University of Michigan's Football helmet may be one the most iconic helmets in all of football.  But did you know that the Wolverines weren't the first to don the winged design.  Former Princeton University Head Football Coach, Fritz Crisler decided to add a design to his players helmets so that the Quarterback could distinguish his players down field.  The design was said to resemble a fighting Tiger with it's ears flared back. 
When Crisler left Princeton, he took the winged helmet to his new school where the Maize and Blue have made it what it is today. 

In the 1981-82 NHL Hockey Season, Wayne Gretzky played in 80 games.  In those 80 games, he scored 92 goals and had 212 points, most ever points scored in a single season by an NHL Player.  If we break down his point total, the Great One was putting up a point every 22 minutes.  Basically putting up a point every period for an entire season.

Dwight Howard is known by many as Superman.  Despite what Shaq has to say, it's hard to protest.  Howard can straight up fly.  On a recent episode of Sports Science, he set out to prove his jumping ability.
Let's just say, he took off.

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