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10 Things We Love About Lifetime Fitness

You can find a whole lot of things to love about Lifetime Fitness in Syosset.  It's a gym disguised as a country club.  I can probably go on and on about this place, but I'll just give you our Top Ten things we love about Lifetime.

10.  The outdoor Field  -  Driving up to Lifetime Fitness you can see a full length Field Turf field to your left. The field was donated to the Town by Lifetime and can be used by anyone in the community.  Certain organizations like the Jericho Athletic Association use the field for Soccer and other activities, but it's usually open to play on.  I've used it on several occasions for some field training and Soccer practice.  If you're looking for a nice field to train on or practice, I'd highly recommend it.  In addition, there are two playgrounds adjacent to the field where children can play.  A great touch by Lifetime.

9.  Super nice staff  -  Yes the Staff in most gyms is nice.  At least as nice as they have to be.  But I have yet to find someone here that has a chip on their shoulder or isn't happy to help you find a towel or direct you if you're lost (it's a pretty big place).  Having a supportive staff makes it a pleasure to visit the gym.


8.  It's clean  -  When I say clean, I mean, really clean.  Here's a pic of the hallway.   At most facilities, you can usually find a piece of trash, maybe a water bottle left somewhere.  You know, something out of place.  Not here.  The staff looks like they take pride in their jobs and that reflects well on the management.  Another reason why I love this place.  The machines do not have sweat stains on them.  The locker room always has folded towels.  The bathroom seems to be cleaned on the hour.  So if you're a germaphobe, take solace in knowing that this place won't make you queasy.

7.  Care for a Swim?  -  Yes this is in the gym.  When you walk into the building, you can see the pools through the glass window on your left.  There are two pools.  One is an Olympic sized lap pool and the other is a combination lap pool and family pool.  In addition to the pools, guests can also use the sauna and choose from one of two hot tubs.  The pools are open 24 hours and the Aquatics Center offers swimming lessons, group classes, and family hours.  If you love the water, this amenity is worth the membership.                        

6.  Summer Fun  -  In addition to the year round indoor pools, Lifetime Syosset also opens it's outdoor pools for the summer.  Lap pools, family pools, hot tub, and an enclosed slide that you can see from the LIE are all available from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  You can also catch up on your tan with over 100 beach chairs and have lunch at their outdoor cafe. 
Throughout the summer, the Club also offers outdoor activities like a "Yoga under the Stars" night and I also saw a Night of Wine this past August.  This is a very nice alternative to a crowded beach.

5. Can I bring my kids?  -  The Day Care Center is open until 9PM and for an additional fee, you can bring your kids in up to 2 hours per day.  There are several staff members working at all times that oversee and participate in activities with the children.  The day care offers visitors a computer area, toys, a playground and a basketball court.  They also have a separate area for younger children that need more attention. 
Lifetime also offers kid sports programs, like Karate and a Sports Sampler and a place for you to host a birthday party.  *On a personal note, I have used the Day Care and have had a party here.  One of the reasons I joined this gym was because it felt very family oriented, and they do not disappoint.   

4. I got next  -  One of my favorite aspects of this gym are the two full length Basketball Courts.  If you like to play hoops, then you should really try this place out.  The courts, goals, and balls are kept in great shape.  Competition level can vary depending on time and day.  League games are held on Wednesdays.  If you're a night owl, you can usually find a game or, at minimum, an open court to practice. 


3. Are you using that?  -  One thing you'll notice when going upstairs to the "gym" section of Lifetime are all the machines.  There is a a section for elliptical machines, treadmills, bikes.  You have a free weight section and a section for weight machines broken down by the body part they are best used for.  You also have an advanced training section of the gym where you can find a TRX training system, sleds, squat machines, and a floor for body weight resistance training.  I have yet to wait for a machine.  With the assortment of options for whatever body part you are working, you'll find an available place to do an exercise. 

2.  Let me try a Spin class/yoga/bootcamp.  -  I always wanted to try some classes, specifically Yoga.  From what I've heard from others that practice, gym yoga is different.  Lifetime is different.  They take their classes very seriously.  Providing outstanding teachers that push, motivate, and inform, the classes resemble a studio meant for the activity.  LifePower, which is Lifetime's Yoga division, provides classes for all levels and helps beginners learn about the practice.  Classes are offered in a room specifically designed for Yoga which has a feel of a stand-alone studio. (except when another class, Aqua-Zumba, is going on outside the studio's windows)  In addition to Yoga, there are classes for everyone, Spinning, Strictly Strength, MMA Conditioning, to name a few.  The variety of classes offered allows any member to try to hone their body and mind with something new everyday.

1. Atmosphere  -  You won't find The Situation or need to go Tanning and Laundry after you hit the gym.  The clientele is not what you'll find at a normal gym.  Very family oriented.  After training at gyms like Synergy, Valencia, and Gold's, I'm happy to have a change of pace.  So as long as you're not trying to keep up with the Jones', you'll find the Atmosphere very refreshing.

If you're interested in trying out Lifetime Fitness Syosset, hit us up.  Or go here for a one day pass.

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